Blade Maidens: Closed Fist, Open Hand – 5

“Still not quite sure what I witnessed tonight.


The Verdannian forces had us surrounded. King Branwynd at the head of the host, gleaming in his damned blacksteel plate. We were outnumbered 2 to 1, at least. Bastard didn’t even offer us a chance to surrender, said that our “wanton disregard” for the throne’s authority was grounds to offer no quarter.


I wasn’t afraid to die. Not particularly thrilled at the idea, either, but you don’t take up a sword against a crown and not know Sepestra’s watching you. But just before the charge. They just…walked into the field.


Only 3 of them. No blades. No armor. Tattooed to the Pits and back. Two women, one halffolk and one elf, and an orcish man. The halffolk beckoned to the King and well, was too quiet for me to rightfully hear. Looked like she was plenty calm about the occasion. Not like Brandwyn. The old fool was sputtering and shouting after a minute or so. No one was surprised when he brought his axe down.


Every soul present was when she shattered it with her bare hand, though. Save her companions, I suppose.


Chaos broke loose after. The fighting was swift and cruel, no quarter given. And in the center of it all, three whirlwinds fending off the finest knights Verdanna has to offer.


We would have died without them. But here I am, writing this letter. Never seen anything like it, Holly. They didn’t ask for any coin, no reward. Didn’t even share their names. Just left with a smile as we all caught our breath in the aftermath.


I may nor know much. But I know a miracle when I see it.”


– A letter by Corson Reed, a member of the Freegrain Rebellion, dated 7 Sulna 436. Kept within the Academy’s archives as the first recorded mention of the Order of the Twin Fists.