Blade Maidens: Closed Fist, Open Hand – 7

“I’m regretting bringing Mel into our company.

No, that’s untrue. And cruel.

But I AM very annoyed with the woman.

We had just finished our caravan escort and hoped to have a nice, relaxing evening at the local tavern. The one Mel so helpfully forgot she had both visited in the past and had…a questionable romantic liason during said visit.

I’m not some innocent maid, I know that can be inevitable on occasion. Gyvenia knows I left my own string of shattered hearts in my youth. But she could have had the courtesy to warn us, beforehand. Especially since the poor girl seemed to be under the pretense that Melody was her truest love, returned from her journeys abroad. A fantasy shattered when Mel called her the wrong name. Thrice.

Ser managed to prevent an all out brawl, spending a fair amount of our coin in the process between rounds of drinks and an apologetic gesture. Despite Mel’s REPEATED insistence that it would be perfectly fine to spend our evening in the tavern, I deemed it better to not press our luck (or Mel’s wandering eye) any further. And thus I find myself once more writing this entry by our campfire.

We’ll have a talk with her tomorrow. I’m under no illusion of her personality or choices in the past, but we can at least establish some sort of agreement for preventing messes of this nature in the days ahead.

At the very least, a list of bars to avoid. Hopefully.”

– An entry in Rowan’s Journal, dated 29 Loriana, 877