Blade Maidens: The Prelude – 01

“The sellswords fulfilled the contract, but nearly destroyed half the town to do it. We had all heard the rumors about Lady Chastwin, but no one quite expected them to be true. By the time the mercenaries had calmed her–a sleep spell, according to the mage–a half-dozen homes and Berthold’s tavern had suffered great damage.

The mage had left us with an ingredient list for some sort of restorative for Hylda to brew by the next moon. Claims it would reduce Lady Chastwin’s condition to a more manageable level. For now, our Lady lies in chains meant for binding oxen.

The mercenaries left this morning. They arrived at my door demanding the bounty due. When I protested that the damage they had done to our township would cost more to repair than their bounty was worth, the scarred one–a brute–grabbed me by my collar and threatened to release our Lady from her chains if the bounty was not paid in full.

The mage, thankfully, managed to soothe her companion and the pair stepped away for a few moments. I could not make out their discussion in full detail, but the handful of audible curses from the brute were enough to confirm I did not wish to. The mage returned, her companion remaining where they stood with a scowl, and said they were willing to leave a third of the bounty with me to aid in repairing the town. I nearly protested, but her scoundrel partner had begun tossing around a dagger while staring right at me. Gods preserve, I don’t doubt for a moment it would have found its way to my throat if I said another word.

In fear of my life, I gave them their partial bounty and demanded they leave immediately. Blessedly, they did.

I am grateful for our Lady’s well-being and the aid that the concoction Hylda is brewing will bring, but with the Gods as my witness, I vow that the mercenaries known as Ser and Rowan will not find respite in our home again.”

– From the personal diary of Henrik Brum, steward of Hartfold Township.