Blade Maidens: What Fools These Mortals Be – 25


Next time, give me a warning, would you?

You know I love Rowan, but I am here to learn. And my dear sister is very, very good at being a distraction, as I know you’re very well aware.

That being said, I’m glad to say she’s thriving. When last I visited she seemed…distant. Brilliant and irritating as always, but not always present. I thought it was just a phase, or that she had a rough break with her latest girlfriend. (Is she still with Talitha? I could scarcely keep up before I left the castle and don’t want to risk sparking that conversation) But seeing her here, clearly something was missing that has since been found. Not sure what she did, nor would I dare ask, but I’m proud.

She mentioned you’ve been using great-great-grandmother’s name still. I know you chose it for her, but you have to stop calling her that. She chose her own, which frankly shouldn’t have surprised any of us, and that’s something you need to respect. I know Queen Gwyndolin is used to having the titles she bestows be taken gratefully, but Gwyndolin Lilaceae, mother of Rowan and Lysander, needs to separate the throne from the family.

…please don’t charge me with treason for that thought. I’d hate to have to take my next Harvestmark Feast from within the castle dungeons.

I promise, she’s doing well. As brash as ever, but shockingly adept. If I didn’t think she’d burn the tower to the ground, I’d say she would make an excellent candidate for the Academy. Verdanna is in good hands with her as the next queen, and if you sit down and stop letting her get under your skin you’ll know I’m right. Just ask father, he’s always frustratingly insightful about this sort of thing.

I love you, mother. I’ll write again soon, and be home before too long.

Oh, and please stop sending coats. The workshops keep the city plenty warm, and the Tower itself is cozier than the castle. I don’t need more of the damn things stuffing my closet.

– Lysander”


– A letter to Queen Gwyndolin Lilaceae, dated 11 Rimehold, 874