Blade Maidens: What Fools These Mortals Be – 3


Prior to bottling any dyes, enchant them with Galvan’s Reservoir*. Otherwise, you’ll have to grow your hair out again.

*Revised. Second Revision. Third Revision. In the blue notebook. 


Ground madder leaves, soda, allum, powdered chalk, cockatrice eggshell. Heated to boiling, strained.


Same formula as pink, minus the eggshell.


Pulverized indigo leaves, water fresh water, crystalized stoneoak sap, blueberry juice. Mixed thoroughly.

Light Green:

EVIDENTLY, the same recipe as blue but using sea water.


Maple leaves, allum, powdered chalk, cockatrice eggshell, diluted acid. Mixed thoroughly, strained, left out to settle for 24 hours.


Ground sunflower seeds, pulverized ironroot, basilisk blood, saffron. Boiled for 6 hours, use immediately or the blood will spoil.”

– A note kept within Rowan’s primary spell notebook.