Blade Maidens: What Fools These Mortals Be – 30

“The silence is the strangest part.

I didn’t realize just how loud the castle was. Even late into the night, there were some cook or guard working away within its walls. The quiet of the road isn’t a surprise, but reserved my new companion is.

They’re quite capable, and willing to take on the risk of traveling with a wayward princess, but…well, I suppose I wasn’t interested in her social graces. Still, I wasn’t exactly spoiled for choice. They respect my knowledge and their years of expertise certainly helps fill in the gaps of my own inexperience. I could have fared far worse, all things considered. A lack of conversation is a small annoyance when our lives are a blade’s swing away more often than not.

I expect we’ll travel together for a few months longer. Once I’ve got enough miles under my boots and bounties on my belt I can make my own way. I can put up with a level of cold regard for that long, easily. Ser will make an adequate partner till Harvestmark at latest, I’m sure of it.”

– an entry in Rowan’s journal, date 28 Rimehold, 876