Rowan fights a big scary werewolf


Age: 25

Likes: Old books, a cup of tea, challenging expectations, a new adventures.

Dislikes: Arrogance, abuses of power, snow, not being able to solve a problem.

Formerly a Princess from the kingdom of Verdanna, Rowan chose to leave her royal past behind in search of purpose and adventure due to her family’s reluctance to accept her desired path in life after transitioning. An unusually talented mage and skilled swordswoman in her own right, she refuses to be Ser’s pretty sidekick.

Rowan has much to learn about life on the road and life outside of palace walls in general, but she is eager to learn and ready to do what she can to carve out a legacy free from her family, leaving the world a better place than she found it.


ser fights a monster


Age: 27

Likes: Keeping her hands busy, animals, fishing, fitness.

Dislikes: Selfishness, magic, wasted goods, touching fish.

Little is known about Ser’s past. Her family, her birthplace, her history, all a mystery not even Rowan has any answers for. What is known about the battle-scarred mercenary, however, is their skill with countless forms of weaponry and reputation for being able to get just about any paying job done.

Breaking with years of solitude, Ser’s partnership with Rowan is new territory for the sellsword. Despite the former Princess’ inexperience, Ser finds herself growing increasingly attached to Rowan, their mind often wandering to what the future may hold for their burgeoning relationship.


Melody in the river


Age: 30

Likes: Writing new songs, stealing new outfits, fucking, a nice smoke

Dislikes: Being alone, vulnerability, judgmental pricks, breaking her instruments

The last in the Havensbrook bardic dynasty, Melody Havensbrook had high expectations placed on her from an early age. With a beautiful voice, skill with a dozen instruments, and a natural charisma, she toured the roads of Telos with her band to great success. Until she was turned.

Following an attack from a rogue werewolf, Mel struggled to balance the life of a musician with the life of a werewolf. After a painful break, she struck out on her own. Now, she’s spent the last years as a solo act. Scrounging coins from whatever dive bar will have her, sleeping her way through every town she travels to, and stealing new clothes after waking up naked after a night of roaming the forest as a beast. It’s the only life she now knows how to live.