Blade Maidens: Closed Fist, Open Hand – 1

“The following individuals are hereby banned from The Twin Tankards:

Boren Halfstride: Unpaid tab
Hewen Halfstride: Unpaid tab
Lara Halfstride: Repeated fights (over unpaid tabs)
Kaylanna Brimzy: Selling drake’s dust out back
Yarrick Kelfast: I just don’t like the guy
Boren Halfstride: Re-banned, unpaid tab
Claude Windsom: Handsy with the staff
Eldridge Miller: [unintelligble] Unbanned, fight was with Claude
Sophita Klemholtz: Couldn’t stay quiet while fucking in the store room
Melody Havensbrook: Starting fights. Wouldn’t stop saying ‘don’t you know who I am?’. Total ass.”

– A list nailed to the wall of the Twin Tankards, a Valtamesa tavern, written in various inks and handwriting