Blade Maidens: Shorts – Latchkey – 2

“Professor Lilaceae,

While The Academy typically prefers a bit more advanced notice of an extended departure, given the…circumstances, I am happy to approve your leave of absence. Please provide a proposed lesson plan for Professor Harrengoth before you make your leave. I’m sure she can handle your current cirruculum, but it couldn’t hurt to provide an idea of where your pupils are currently at. We don’t want any first levels attempting to summon a thunderstorm in the classroom. Again.

Do your best to return by the start of the next semester. If you feel your quest will extend past this point, we will need to discuss whether your current position will need to be reviewed to accommodate your split focus.

On a personal note, I wish you well on your journey and hope you’re able to bring your wayward sister back home safe and sound. I’ve heard she’s quite an arcanist in her own right (it must run in the family, I suppose…) and we would all prefer if there were less rogue magical elements out in the world. Chaos benefits no one, after all.

Best wishes,
Archmage Kristos LaVelle”

– a letter sent to Professor Lysander Lilaceae, left undated.