Blade Maidens: Strays – 10


That’s a new one for you. 20 boards of swamp ash? 10 of rosewood? That’s not your usual order. A bit pricey for furniture, but, hey, I’m not going to complain about getting more of your coin. It’ll be a few extra weeks, my gal who handles exotics is on a scouting run. Make sure you set aside a good pile of gold when she shows up. And don’t haggle, she won’t take anything below what they’re worth.

As for your question, why in Dar’s name do you think I’d know where to get catgut? Let alone in bulk. You’ve got butchers down there in Kalmera, don’t you? Ask around, I’m sure someone will sell you that mess. Maybe even let you take it off their hands. Disgusting. What have you gotten yourself into now, cousin?

I’ll let you know if something comes up with the lumber, otherwise expect Tasha in two months or so. Hope to see you back in Valfald for Gyvenia’s Rest. You missed the last few years, and your mother makes sure the rest of us don’t forget it.

Your cousin,

– A letter sent from Kalmera the day after Mel’s arrival