Blade Maidens: Strays – 26

“Music has always held a special place in Telosian history, from the life-ballads of the Bousean druids to the traditional chants warming the frigid halls in Valfald, there are few places in our lands where you won’t find song and melody. And chances are, at least some of those songs will be a Havensbrook original. The Havensbrooks have been gracing our ears with compositions, performances, and every possible combination of the two for generations. Rising to prominence with Mag–full name Magnum Opus–Havensbrook, the legendary bard whose voice was so pure, so moving, that it brokered peace in the Kannat Border War.

Following their father’s footsteps, Aria and Canon Havensbrook carried the family name with pride. Aria’s experimental performances turned rituals in search of the truth behind Keen’s many mysteries dazzled congregations until her tragic death during a particularly daring ceremony. Canon himself did not lead as dazzling of a life as his sister. While you’ve likely heard his most tremendous success, ‘The Breath of the Pines,’ his children’s feats far outshine the father.

Symphony, Harmony, and Cadence Havensbrook–better known as the Three Strings–are arguably the brightest generation of the esteemed family. Brave Symphony, who turned aside their family wealth in favor of a life aiding on the front lines during Kilzea’s bloody struggle for Independence. Cadence, the brilliant recluse who shied away from the public eye and instead focused his talents on a staggering body of written work. Walk into any tavern in Telos and sing a few words of a Cadence Havensbrook piece, are you’ll have plenty of new friends joining you in song. And finally, Harmony Havensbrook. A popular choice for the most beautiful woman alive, with a voice blessed by the gods themselves. While the brief scandal of her marriage to Brolla Surestep, a halfling hedge wizard of little renown, briefly cast doubt on her legacy, her status as the last surviving sibling and mother of the current generation of Havensbrooks has long since proven the concerns unfounded.

Harmony’s sons, Rhapsody and–in a break from tradition seemingly sparked by their father–Percy Havensbrook, are on their way to carry the legacy proudly into the future. Rhapsody’s tour through Telos and swooning fans rival Harmony’s success, and while younger brother Percy has yet to charm audiences to the same degree the grace of his fingers as they dance across the keys of any piano are undeniable. The future of the Havensbrook clan seems to shine brighter than ever, only time will tell what heights await them.”

– – Nobles and Notables Vol. 67, included in the 17 Gyvenium 837 release of the Freehold Torch