Blade Maidens: Strays – 5

“Dearest Melody,

I hope this letter finds you well. The innkeeper said you kept late hours, so I left it his care to deliver. What are you up to so late, darling? Does the muse call to you late at night? Do you sit under Night’s Mother and Little Sister’s watchful gaze, searching corners of your own soul to write your latest ballad? It’s terribly poetic. And so very you.

Would you sing for me again, my songbird? That first evening, when you found me across the tavern after your performance and offered me a private audience…I’m quite sure I’ll never forget it. Your voice was sweeter than any fruit I’ve ever tasted, and your words smoother than the finest silk. When we finally kissed…I swear I could feel Gyvenia’s blessing course through my heart.

I knew there could never be another like you.

And when we…became intimate. Those things you did. With your hands. And your tongue. I felt as though the world around me was on fire. And loved it more every time since. I do miss you so. This past week my bed has been cold with your absence. A cold even the brightest fire in my hearth cannot warm.

I hope whatever business you are attending to resolves soon. I worry for you. The guards speak of slaughtered cattle and a beast lurking near the village. Please be safe. I cannot imagine losing you to some horror. Not now. Not after you’ve claimed my heart.

I hope to see you soon, my songbird. Father is holding a feast in honor of Dar this weekend. Would you accompany me? I can think of nothing more I want in this world than to dance and know every eye in the room is upon us. Upon you, darling.

Yours forever,


– an unopened letter bearing Baron Finlay’s wax seal, found on the floor of a hastily abandoned tavern room