Blade Maidens: Strays – 8

“They call themselves what?”

“The Blade Maidens, so’s I heard. Two of ’em. Short one with a sword the size of an ox, tall one who can fly and shoot fire from her hands.”

“So she’s a mage, then?”

“Could be. Heard one story that she’s a chosen of the Forgefather, here to smite the wicked and do his will.”

“Torren, what does doing merc work have to do with the the fuckin’ Forgefather?”

“What do I look like, a priest? S’what I heard.”

“Wouldn’t very surprised if they weren’t even real. Lots of tall tales out there nowadays.”

“Oh, they’re real. A friend of my cousin saw them. Fighting off some beast in the middle of Finweald. Broke loose from its chains. Tall one took care of it with a single swing of her sword.”

“Thought you said the short one had the sword.”

“They both have swords, idiot. Hence the name.”

“Ohhh, right. Right.”

“Friend said the tall one’s hair was like flowing silk. And the short one had more scars than he could count. Nasty work.”

“Well. Guess we’ll know to stay clear if we see anyone like that around, eh?”

– A Conversation overheard by Mel Havensbrook at Mara’s Cove, a tavern.