Blade Maidens: The Hunt – 02

“Sellswords, mercenaries, bounty hunters, whatever title is used, the creature remains the same. Motivated by little more than base-born greed, there is a reason so many of their number are deserters. The weak and craven who, when faced with the clarity of purpose and structure of a proper military force, flee at first opportunity. Starving, feral hounds making play at being guard dogs.”

– An excerpt from Barnaussi High General Hissan’s memoirs

“Nothing better than a good sellsword. You try and get one of the king’s little soldier boys to go take care of a problem that needs killing, you’ll be lucky if they just laugh in your face. Mercenary might haggle over the price, but they’ll do the fucking job if you put coin in their hands. Have to respect it.”

– Karyma Fens, innkeep and former client of Ser and Rowan.