Blade Maidens: The Hunt – 06

“Succubi and Incubi (both considered Concubi and differentiated only by their method of seduction rather than any assumed gender) should never be addressed alone, under any circumstances. Even those who believe themselves prepared for an encounter will find any steps they took lacking once the demon is able to say their first words. Rather than rending claws or teeth, a Concubus’ greatest weapon is it’s honeyed words. Although they do also tend to have claws, fangs and other deadly features, to be clear. Watch out for that.

If a Concubus is able to engage an individual in a conversation longer than a few sentences, then their hooks have already unwittingly latched into their victim’s mind. Feeding off of the victim’s subconscious, the demon is able to offer their greatest desires, often subtly molding their own flesh to better match the tastes of their host. Even those with no sexual appetites are not safe, as Concubi offers can venture outside the carnal, including wealth, power, and perfect self-image.”

– A staggeringly dog-eared page from Rowan’s Copy of Harlowe’s Guide to Daemonic Entities and Defense