Blade Maidens: The Hunt – 18

“Fire is what often springs to mind when it comes to the elemental arcanistries. Unsurprising, really. While water and air are required to live, fire is what we use to thrive. Created through freak accident or by our own cunning, fire is a tool unlike any other. While it’s association with the Forgefather have led many aspiring pyrocanists to pay homage to his glowing eternal furnace, I personally give a nod of thanks to the Silent Eye, for what is fire but our most primal and base example of knowledge either born from raw mortal wit or stolen from the powers of the gods themselves?

Regardless of my philosophical ramblings, fire is indeed a popular and useful skill for arcanists to master. Take heed, though, dear reader. Fire is a tool, not a toy. More than nearly any other spell one might cast, fire is affected and touched by the emotional state of the caster. Keeping a level head will provide your most consistent results, and minimize risks to your environment and allies. If you are in a fraught situation, I would recommend dipping into another school of study unless you are confident in your skills. A spell of flame in the, pardon the pun, heat of the moment can be quite potent indeed, but in the hands of a novice it can harm both the arcanist and anyone unfortunate to be in their vicinity just as easily as the intended target.”

– A Passage from Rollo’s Arcanistry Manual