Blade Maidens: The Hunt – 20

“Lysithea Lilaceae. Lysithea. 

L y s i t h e a. 

I wonder how long it will take writing it before it feels natural? I’ve covered the prior page in repetitions yet it still doesn’t feel [passage is crossed out]. 

I looked up my namesake after Mother informed me. She whisked me away to a corner of the grand hall, whispering it as though it were a secret. Wanted me to know before the official ceremony, she said. Hid in the library and managed to find her volume of the family annals before Kaywen tracked me down. 

She was my great-great-grandmother, apparently. Died in her sleep before Father had even joined the guard. Renowned diplomat and socialite. There was an entire list of balls she hosted right in the middle of her history. A LIST.

Can’t imagine wanting to be remembered for the parties I threw. Sounds miserable.

Tonight, however, was anything but. I thought I’d be prepared after telling Mother and Father, but the Grand Cathedral full of smiling faces there to see me. The real me for the first time? I’ll never forget it. The celebrations were equally unforgettable, even Lys (oh I’m sure he hates that we match now. Hilarious!) managed to make an appearance before running back to his studies. I’m not sure if they’d compare to my namesake’s high standards, but this Lysithea couldn’t imagine anything better.

I might ask Mother tomorrow why she chose great-great-grandmother’s name. As lovely as it is, I don’t see how she came to the conclusion. Maybe there’s just something I’m missing.”

– Rowan’s Journal, entry dated 9 Snowsong 872