Blade Maidens: The Prelude – 03

“They jumped us from behind, right? We had heard word they robbed some poor caravan out near the Reaches and figured we should help. Barely had a chance to get our swords up. The big one, Ser, she fought dirty. Tried to cut our throats while we was putting out the fires in the temple. Caravan. The caravan had a priest. You know how it is.

The little mage was even worse. I know they say she’s a princess but no princess I’ve ever heard of would do what she did. She tried to burn us alive, she did. Laughing while she did it!

Only by the grace of Yvain and our trusty swords did we survive. They robbed us blind and left us for dead.

So, of course, we won’t be able to pay for all of these drinks, and wait what are you wri-”

– A bard’s account of one evening at The Open Hearth, taken in hopes of inspiring a ballad. Found discarded in a pile of slop the next morning by a stablehand.