Blade Maidens: What Fools These Mortals Be – 10


Apologies for the slow reply, I’ve been off-campus for the last few weeks. We’d gotten reports of a notably talented hedge mage up in Valfald. Miserable weather this time of year, but we eventually found the little savant. Young dwarf girl, couldn’t be more than 15, real knack for potioncraft. Should be enrolled in the next class of students, if all goes well.

But enough about me. Phinney, dear, you MUST let this silly fae obsession go. It was endearing when it was simply an eccentric hobby but you’re going too far, my friend. Proposing a formal study? Courses, even? You know as well as I that the BEST scraps of knowledge we have about your fae are secondhand decades old ramblings. They’re as likely a folktale as they are real, and either outcome you’re going to waste your time. You’re one of the most brilliant draconic theorists I’ve ever seen, why can’t that be enough for you? Please. Think of your reputation.

All my love,

– A letter sent to Professor Phineas Goldthatch of Freehold, dated 3 Snowsong 821