Blade Maidens: What Fools These Mortals Be – 12


Unfortunately, my trip to Marado was unsuccessful. I would try and paint it in a more positive light, but I know you hate false platitudes.

It was much of the same. People reporting they saw a man matching Phineas’ description, albeit unkempt and bearded, rambling about other realms before vanishing in the night. I know you have faith it is Phin, but I caution you to keep your hope measured. We have no way of knowing whether it is him or whatever mage may have captured him deciding to take pleasure in stringing us along.

Academy researchers falling prey to their studies isn’t unheard of. Magic is a potent, wild force and can break minds in the most unexpected of ways. And through time, and care, they can be mended again. You and I both know Phineas is stronger than he appears. If anyone has a chance at making it through whatever has happened to him, it’s your husband.

I’m sorry I missed Sulnalia, I’m sure it must have been a lonely celebration. I’m chasing another lead to an island off the coast of Kilzea, likely more of the same. But once I return, I’ll come visit for a good while. No one should be alone through this, least of all you. See you in a few weeks, brother.

All my love,

– A letter sent to Robar Goldthatch, dated 13 Sulna’s Peak 823