Blade Maidens: What Fools These Mortals Be – 32

” ‘Breath is key.

If you can breathe, you can stand.

When your muscles burn. When your bones feel like shatter-glass.

When every instinct tells you to lie down. To rest. To give in.

Take a breath.

Shallow. Deep. Coughing. Rattling. It doesn’t matter.


If you can breathe, you can stand.

If you can stand, you can fight.

And there is always a fight worth fighting.’

I’m unsure if this is a prayer or some sort of personal mantra, but I felt it worth cataloging. I’m not sure I’ve ever encountered a piece of written text from this particular sect. A curiosity, if nothing else.”

– A scrap of cloth, and accompanying notes from an Academy Junior Archivist, found within the robes of an unnamed deceased member of the Twin Fists.