Blade Maidens: What Fools These Mortals Be – 6


Thank you for the ironroot! I was honestly shocked you had any left, we’re so far off-season that all my local suppliers have run dry. I’ll be sure to send you a few vials of this batch, I’ve been working on my formula for the Vigor Elixir, and think you’ll find them quite effective. Bertrand was able to unload our last shipment of truesilver without breaking a sweat the other week!

Honestly, we’re doing quite well for ourselves out here in Raineford. I was worried there wouldn’t be much market in such a small town, but it’s worked out quite in our favor. No one here is used to doing business with a practitioner of the arts! It’s so quaint! They all still think I’m weaving some spell or another and feel so clever when they bargain me down a few silver. Don’t realize it’s still well above the market value for whatever salve their little sick mule requires. I’m sure they’ll wisen up eventually–or at least hope they do, poor dears–but for now it’s a delightful time. You’ll have to visit soon, I hear tell the fields are beautiful come Gyvenium. The three of us can go for a little trek through the woods, rough it overnight. It’ll be bracing! I hope you’re well, and keeping warm. Don’t hesitate to ask if you need anything.

All my love,

– a letter sent to Willa Halven, Professor of Arcane Flora at Freehold Academy