Blade Maidens: Closed Fist, Open Hand – 9 & 10

“Over the years, we’ve developed our skills to suit our needs.

When the Garaii dragoons launched their century of raids on the southern coast, Fist Harwin birthed the Flowing River form. Shifting and mobile, it allowed our siblings to out-maneuver the Garaii and strike at the gaps within their armor.

When the Verdannian uprising spilled out throughout their borders, Fist Kyann created the Octopod’s Flail. Inspired by the predators in her native Kilzean shores, using each limb as weapon and deterrent alike to fend off a dozen attackers at once.

And as the Merchant-Prince Zerrod of Valfald attempted to wipe out his brother’s lands in a vain power-grab, Fist Lorence mastered the Snow’s Step. As silent as a frozen night, and as sudden and decisive as Sepestra’s own wrath.

On your own journey, fellow Fist, you may learn these forms. Perhaps others. Learning from those who came before, and carrying their knowledge forward. But if you seek to truly master the lessons of our order…one day, you will create your own. The Twin Fists are built not just on fellowship and strength, but of history and knowledge. May yours make the path of future Fists an easier one than ours.”

A passage from a collection of Fist Joelle Stone’s teachings, one of the cornerstone texts in Twin Fist education.