Blade Maidens: Closed Fist, Open Hand – 8

“From the Office of Boro-Captain Ngalla,

By decree of Magister Winshelm, any act of dueling–either to the death or first blood–is hereby outlawed and punishable by law. Any individuals caught in the act or proven to have engaged in duels will be held accountable by the Office of the Justiciar to the fullest extent of Freehold law.

If you are reading this, the law is in effect. I can do nothing to change this and any Peacekeeper who catches you will be forced to bring you into custody. No matter the excuse or cultural context, the ruling is absolute.

On an unrelated note, I feel it is a perfect opportunity to remind the citizens of Tumbledown that the proud tradition of feats of martial prowess in the form of unarmed combat is not only legal, it is actively encouraged by this Office if the situation calls for it.

Bloody your knuckles all you like, my friends, but do refrain from taking any lives. I hope we understand each other.”

– A public notice left within the dockside boro of Freehold known as Tumbledown