Blade Maidens: Shorts – Asked and Answered

“The reported origins of Shokiir are debated and unclear. Some sources cite them as the result of depraved vitalist experiments, while others claim they’re a chosen guardian of Dar, the Beast Lord. Regardless of their origin, one fact is certain. Shokiir are highly aggressive, dangerously territorial, and should be avoided at all costs. If you face an enraged Shokiir, prepare for a fight.

Running is not an option, shy of teleportation arcanistry, as their acrobatics and acute hearing ensure they can, and will, chase you down. With impressive reach and devastatingly powerful musculature, they make for a formidable opponent in any circumstance. Your greatest chance for success relies on fast, sudden strikes to vulnerable areas such as the eye, joints, and groin. Their singular eye has superlative range and sensitivity, but due to its solitary nature, Shokiir lacks worthwhile depth perception. Use this to your advantage, or that monstrous eye will likely be the last thing you ever see.”

– A passage from Harlowe’s Guide to Monstrous and Marvelous Beings.