Blade Maidens: Shorts – Layman’s Terms – 1

“Name of Mercenary Party: The Blade Maidens. (The sellswords did not provide this name, but the title is what was provided to the estate for hiring.) Name of Mercenary Captain: Ser and Rowan, no last names given. Wages: 500 silver, to be split as they see fit. Terms: The hired swords are expected to patrol and defend the outlying river, Mara’s Grasp. If any threats to Lord Walden’s estate present themselves, they are to be exterminated swiftly. The job will last for no fewer than one week, with no additional compensation for any days worked beyond that period. If any members of the mercenary company lose their life in the undertaking of the contract, an additional 50 silver will be applied to the wages. Additional Information: Due to the difficulty in finding willing sellswords, the estate declined to share information regarding the specific threats the pair should expect to encounter. The scarred one, Ser, claimed to have an extensive history of combating foes of all kinds during the hiring process. If this proves true, the pair should not face any undue difficulty if they stumble upon the serpent that has been harassing our farmers. If it was a boast, then the fault lies upon these Blade Maidens. Either way, the contract remains valid.” – Contract details from Lord Walden’s ledger, dated 17 Ofeld, 876