Blade Maidens: Shorts – Layman’s Terms – 2

“I did it!!! I cast a spell!!!

Professor Loran told me he had never seen anyone my age cast such a large flame before! It was so big it took the Professor and Lysander to put out the fire before it got to Mother’s rose garden. I’m so happy!!!

Mother wasn’t, though. She yelled. A lot. I felt pretty bad. I know the flowers are important to her. It was great-grandma’s garden first, I guess. That’s a long time for a bunch of flowers, so I can see why she was so mad, even if I don’t think the yelling was fair. Lysander got her to calm down, promising it wouldn’t happen again. I had to apologize, but…I don’t think I really did anything wrong. I was practicing arcanistry! I did what I was told!!

Lysander talked to me before bed. I thought he would be mad, like Mother, but he surprised me with my favorite raspberry honey cake from the kitchen!! He asked Mischa to save me one. I’ll have to thank them tomorrow. He told me he was very proud of my spell today but that things are going to be different now. More studying. More practice. Less time to do things like horse-riding. I understand magic is dangerous, I’m not stupid. But I think Lysander is being silly. I can do all of it. Just cause he only wants to do magic doesn’t mean I have to. Father was a mighty warrior when he was younger, and now he’s a king doing all kinds of important things. Mother is the best botanist in the nation, and she’s the best dancer too. 

I don’t think people have to be just one thing all the time. There’s too many things worth doing to stay the same.

Lysander may like studying magic and reading all the time. But I’m going to be different. I’ll show him.”


– [Name Crossed Out]’s Journal, entry dated 7 Sulna’s Peak, 864