Blade Maidens: Shorts – Layman’s Terms – 3

Her Majesty Queen Gwyndolin Lilacaea,

I regret to inform you that I will, effective immediately, be stepping down as Lysithea’s tutor in the magical arts. The Princess is eminently talented at spellcraft, albeit leaning heavily into arcanistry, but her lack of focus and willful nature has forced my hand. 

This afternoon, I sought to check in on the Princess’ studies. She was to practice her arbor manipulation and alteration in the castle’s public gardens. I was surprised to find not only a team of frustrated groundskeepers trying to trim the newly sprouted (and overgrown) collection of nastily-thorned rose bushes but the absence of my pupil. I searched the grounds for her for the better part of an hour, only to be pointed towards the guard’s barracks. Lysithea, evidently, had decided practicing her archery was more important than doing as she was instructed. I attempted to scold your daughter for her negligence, but she ignored me entirely. Nocking and firing an arrow into a veritably pin-cushioned target before deigning to grant me a portion of her attention, dismissing her absence as irrelevant as “vitalism is never going to be my strong suit”.

This is not the first such incident, nor have all of them been due to her struggling in her studies. On the contrary, Lysithea’s aptitude for arcanistry and keen eye for alchemical formulae are truly impressive and far beyond the expectations of a student her age. Given time and focus, she could be one of the foremost mages of our time. Unfortunately, she treats her magical studies as little more than one of many pursuits. I have tried to explain that mages do not have the luxury to dabble in the mundane, but time and time again, I find her riding horses, climbing trees, or–Eye bear witness–swinging a sword in the sparring ground with one of your household guard. 

I am sorry to vacate my position in such haste, but I have studied the magical arts for decades, and there are dozens of willing pupils in the Academy’s towers that my experience could be put to genuine use training. I will pass on these events to Prince Lysander upon my return to the towers. Maybe he can talk some sense into the wayward Princess. I am grateful to you and the throne for considering me for the position and assure you that Verdanna’s proud relationship with the Academy will not be shaken by this incident.


May the Silent Eye watch over you and your kingdom, your highness.


– Professor Navois Loren, 19 Duskenholdt, 873