Blade Maidens: Shorts – Pretty Handsome – 1

“Dear reader, 

You would scarcely believe the variety of questions I receive in my mail slot. On manners, housekeeping, refreshing an old wardrobe, and what common kitchen supplies can be used to treat a pit serpent bite… it’s hard to keep track, sometimes. But more than any other, the most frequent questions I get from my audience pertaining to the struggles of love

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, reader. For those of us who are interested in the ways of the heart, Penthamor ’s whims can be more terrifying than any horrible beast roaming the woods at night. And never more so than exploring the potential of a new relationship. Which is why I am here to help, darlings, and provide you with a fool-proof guide to starting off on the right foot. (And because answering all of these individually would quite possibly drive me mad.)

First: Make sure of your intentions. Are you simply attracted to this person, or is it something more? Does the idea of a relationship excite you or frighten you? While you don’t have to answer these questions right away, it is good to keep them in mind so that expectations aren’t set for anyone involved. If it feels as though your interest is a matter of lust rather than love, be clear about it and avoid any potential harm down the road.

Second: Play to your strengths. Don’t put on airs and push yourself to be some perfect, shining person that anyone would want to be seen with. It never holds up, and anyone with half a sense in their head will be able to tell you’re trying rather than being. Just be yourself, be honest, and be in the moment.

Third: Be thoughtful. Put in the effort. For example: if you’re taking your potential paramour to dinner, check for any dietary restrictions first. Taking a scale-folk to a vegetarian restaurant is a decidedly poor first impression. Be aware of what they like, what they want, and what they need. Within reason, of course, as you’ll (hopefully!) learn more of them if Penthamor’s winds bring you closer.

Now, obviously, these rules are broad. Intentionally so. If you were expecting a guide to the perfect first date down to the menu, then you don’t know how I handle things very well. Anyone can follow a step-by-step list, but for matters of another’s heart you’ll have to follow your own. I can’t tell my readers what to do, but hopefully this will help you learn how to go about it.

That’s all for this week, but if you have any questions or responses to this or past columns, please send all correspondence to the offices of the Freehold Torch, marked in care of Mx. Mantle. Till next time!”

Mx. Mantle’s Musings vol. 156, torn from the 18 Rimehold 877 issue of the Freehold Torch and stuffed into the bottom of Ser’s pack.