Blade Maidens: Shorts – Pretty Handsome – 2

Ser’s Venison Stew:

A few pounds of venison, diced.

A couple (up to 4) tubers (Potatoes, parsnips, or thrushroot ideally), diced.

Some (???) onion, sliced.

3 cloves of garlic, diced.

Oil or prepared fat.

A jug of water.

Salt, pepper, nutmeg, sparkheart, rosemary, and a few sprigs of thyme.

Flour (to make it “actual food”)


Sear the already-seasoned with salt and pepper venison in your pre-oiled cookpot over a decent-sized fire. Don’t try to cook it through, just until it “looks nice”.

Remove the venison from the pot using the utensil of your choice. 

Cook the onion in the venison drippings and oil. Adding the garlic once the onion is translucent and beginning to brown at the edges. Cook for no longer than a few additional minutes or until camp smells delicious.

Return the meat to the pot, as well as most of the water, reserving a portion for later. Mix all remaining seasonings into the pot and let simmer.

After simmering for at least an hour, mix the remaining water with your flour in a separate bowl until a smooth slurry is formed. Mix into the cookpot, stirring frequently to avoid clumps and to ensure the stew “isn’t just meat water”. 

Let simmer for another hour, or until venison is cooked through and tender. Serve.”

– A page from Rowan’s Journal, dated 8 Loriana 877