Blade Maidens: Strays – 14

“Ser chopped wood today.

That’s not…a new occurrence but it’s certainly the most eventful thing that happened. They demanded I rest another day before walking on my ankle. I know she’s right but it’s boring and I’ve been all but pulling my hair out trying to keep entertained. 

Wasn’t really a problem once the chopping started.

We left Verdanna during Rimehold and haven’t ventured further South than Brunswald, so, the weather has been rather frigid. Now that it’s in mid-Loriana, things have warmed up a fair bit. So, of course Ser would perform such intensive labor in their undershirt. It’s perfectly logical. Nothing unusual about it.

I just wasn’t prepared for exactly how many muscles they seem to have. And in such fine shape. I grew up around Kaywen, and thought I kept myself in acceptable condition enough that Ser wouldn’t have surprised me, and yet…

Sorry, she started a fresh pile. Got distracted.

I should ask them for her training regimen. I catch some of it in the morning now and again, but, clearly not enough. I’m fairly certain you could cut a jewelry-ready gemstone on her abdominals. Whatever their routine is, it is clearly effective. I’ll need further study.

I wonder if she’d care to start sparring in the mornings, I could certainly use the practice and wouldn’t complain about more anatomical studies given such a fi[sentence cuts off].

Apologies. They noticed their audience. We had a delicious roast duck for dinner. We’ll begin sparring in the morning. If you read this while I’m asleep, Ser, I will never forgive you. 

And I meant what I said about the abdominals.”

– Rowan’s Journal, 17 Loriana 877