Blade Maidens: Strays – 15

“Guild Master Corrin,

Thank you for your letter appraising me of the situation regarding my daughter and your Hunters. I would apologize for the actions taken by her and her…companion, but the events you describe certainly paint a picture in regards to their handling of the encounter.

A cage? Truly? My daughter is a highly educated mage who, according to my husband, has been discreetly training in swordplay for the last several years. And the mercenary who has tricked her into this foolish escapade is a veteran of the Kilzian Border Wars who is far more cunning than your Hunters assumed. While I do regret lives were lost, the blame falls in the poor planning and poor conduct of your guild members as much as either of them. The survivor who informed you of the details should be made well aware of this, I trust you to handle that.

As for your advice, I will not be dropping the bounty for her safe return. However, I recognize the breed of hunter that such a contract can attract and acknowledge that a change of tactics is in order. I am formally requesting the bounties be updated with the following changes:

The reward for both Lysithea and the mercenary will be doubled.
The option of death for the mercenary will be removed, they must be brought to Verdanna alive as well. Unharmed remains flexible.
My daughter’s name will be updated to include the alias “Rowan”.

Whatever hold this Ser holds on Lysithea, it is clearly potent enough to spur her to rash violence. By removing death from the equation, hopefully your Hunters will be a bit more restrained in their tactics. I fear for your ranks if they do not adjust, a Lilaceae will not be captured easily.

Queen Gwyndolin Lilaceae of the Kingdom of Verdanna”