Blade Maidens: Strays – 16

“Lady Siobhan,

Always a pleasure to hear from you, even under such unpleasant circumstances. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to discuss what the Guild can do in regards to recompense in the near future. Over a glass or two of Verdannian red, if I remember your preferences correctly.

In the meantime, while I do offer my sincerest apologies for the damage done to your estate, I must reiterate that Harza and her crew did not breach any guild protocols and will not be disciplined for their actions. You set out a bounty for the extermination of a ghast that had been feeding on the Hounds in your kennel. I examined the document myself, the terms called for the death of the creature, and proof of it’s death. Nothing more, nothing less.

While it would not have been my personal decision to use your remaining hounds as bait for the creature, I’d argue the beast’s death proves the plan’s efficacy. In fact, Harza is one of the Guild’s most consistent hunters and has been for years. Her methods may be…harsh, but they never breach whatever the terms of the contract may be. If bloody ends aren’t to your liking, then I would recommend providing stricter guidelines for any future contracts with the Hunter’s Guild to avoid these situations. And while I understand your loss is difficult, but with no violation of the terms you set, I can only offer my condolences.

If any actions are taken against Harza, or her men, then the Guild will be forced to make an appropriate response. I think we both can agree that should be avoided, for all parties.

Guildmaster Corrin”