Blade Maidens: Strays – 18

“Most of us start out on our own, I think.

Trying to make a coin or two when we don’t know anything but a blade. Washed out of some army, kicked out of home when there were too many mouths to feed. Reasons don’t matter much once you’re in the life. Working under the table bounties or whatever guard duty some asshole can pay you scraps for. You figure out the rhythm, and you can make a decent living. Maybe even a fine one if you find a partner on the road.

But I’ve never met a sellsword that was content with fine.

The real money–the real glory–is in a crew. There’s only so much you can do with one or two people. You bring on a third, that’s another pair of eyes watching your back. You bring in a mage, you’ve got magic in your toolkit. Hire the right people, with the right motivation, and guard duty’ll be a distant memory. Abyss, you do it right and you’ll be able to start giving the Hunter’s Guild a run on jobs.

Being a sellsword’s a hard life. Don’t see many of us with silver hair for a reason.

Doesn’t mean it has to be a lonely one. Not if you do it right.”

– A letter sent from Suva Stiffarm, founder of the Fortune’s Blade mercenary company