Blade Maidens: Strays – 19


Surprised to hear from you. Not sure I’ve ever gotten a letter from you that I can recall–Your penmanship is impeccable, by the by. Doubly surprised by the nature of your request. Last I heard you were very thoroughly committed to the life of a Beastslayer, and thriving at it. Your reputation carries all the way to the hall here in Valfald. What in Gyvenia’s grace are you doing looking into some sellsword and a runaway princess?

Whatever the reason, your dues are paid and the Guild’s resources are ever at your disposal. Not a great deal to offer, I’m afraid. Ser, the mercenary, seems to have operated on their own as far back as we’re aware. No record of them until a few years back, started picking up odd jobs. Applied for membership but didn’t pass muster. Or couldn’t pay the dues, notes didn’t specify. Knows what she’s doing with a sword, too smart to cross the Guild directly, and all-in-all not someone I’d be too fond of crossing paths with. Have fun with that.

Lysithea a.k.a. Rowan, in contrast, is quite the known quantity. Youngest child and heir to the Verdannian throne, adept mage and social butterfly. By all accounts she’s pretty much the definition of a rich, pretty little princess. At least up until a few months ago. After her parents posted the bounty, we started getting reports from teams here and there. Details are muddy given there’s rarely more than a few survivors  (Which is its own message, I suppose.) What’s consistent is that adept is an insulting way to describe her magical skill, and that the situation with Ser may not be as one-sided and Your Highnesses seem to believe.

Don’t know what you’re doing getting tangled up with these two, but the contracts are open. 1000 gold for Rowan, 100 for Ser. Recently upped too. Lucky you.

Word of advice: you and your crew have been hunting beasts and monsters for a good long while. You’re among the best at it. But you’ve got two targets that need to be taken in alive. Do what you want to, but the Guild won’t be able to back you if you end up with a dead princess on your hands. Food for thought.”

– a letter sent from Artesia Wold, Hunter’s Guild liason