Blade Maidens: Strays – 22

“General Healing Salve:

The base should be Verdannian beeswax if possible, but other breeds will suffice.

For the liquid, infuse 2 portions of olive or sunflower oil with the following reagents:

1 handful of arnica petals
2 sprigs of linayanna (DO NOT USE LINNAYANNA, she is allergic. Substitute rosemary)
2 flowers worth of lavender petals
1 small stoneroot, ground into a fine pulp
1 sprig of mint (optional. no medicinal benefit, they like the smell)

If fire is an option, magical or otherwise, simmer the reagents in oil for roughly one hour and let sit for 5-10 days, then strain out the solids.

If fire is not an option, let sit in direct sunlight for 4-5 hours, then follow the same directions.

Once the oil is infused, enchant the mixture with a basic mending spell. Hagram’s works in most cases but if severe wounds are expected, Jadiva’s updated techniques might be best. (They claim it stings much worse, but results are worth a whiny mercenary for a few days.)

Melt the beeswax using your preferred method, then whisk the two together and let cool.

It will keep for roughly a year before needing the enchantment renewed. (If we go a full year without needing it, it will be a miracle from Gyvenia herself).”

– a selection from Rowan’s notebooks, written and updated in several different shades of ink.