Blade Maidens: Strays – 28

“To concerned parties,

It brings me no pleasure to write this missive, but those in our profession must be diligent above all else as I’m sure you’re aware.

Due to a combination of developments– including lack of payments, ineffective negotiations, and physical harm upon multiple members of staff–The Gilded Gate of Valfald has officially barred the Fortune’s Blade mercenary company from its services. While we remain confident our outstanding debts will be repaid, given enough pressure, the nature of difficulties and sheer effort required we have determined this to be the best course of action for our bank.

We know that mercenary companies always carry a heightened amount of risk as lending clients and many of you will deem this an expected outcome, but given the long history of Fortune’s Blade as a reliable, lucrative business partner with both our institution and others across Telos, we felt this communication was necessary.

Do not be fooled, this is not the Fortune’s Blade of days past. The new leadership of the force, and lowered standards of both contracts and hires, has irreparably damaged the legacy that came before and taken what was once a proud and lucrative organization into a dangerous, unscrupulous collection of criminals and wastrels.

While many of you are likely suspicious given that our business interests often compete and others taking on loans likely left unpaid would only benefit our standing. But we here at the Gilded Gate believe moneylenders requires trust, not just between clients but between vendors. And we hope to build that trust with this warning.

Additionally, it will make things easier for all parties involved if our agents only needed to extract our outstanding coin due from the mercenaries. We would sincerely appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Javién Nolthholm III”

– A letter sent to a collection of Telos’ most prominent bankers and moneylenders, 851