Blade Maidens: Strays – 29

“I’m quitting.

I’m going back home to my boring castle to live with my boring parents and be an indolent, elegant princess for the rest of my pampered days.

Because otherwise I have to put up with their damn grin.

It’s a very specific one. I’ve learned them over the months. The small one that tugs at the corner of her mouth as they try and scowl when we get paid. When it’s wide and toothy after finishing a good meal. The soft one they only do when she thinks I’m not looking.

They’re all wonderful.

Except for the smug little fucking grin she gets after one of her schemes works. Their little jokes.

Sometimes they’re cute. Like when she found out the tavern actually had a nice Verdannian red and filled my ale glass with it when I went to the restroom.

But this time she went too far. Yes, I may have mentioned that I was considering changing my hair color once or twice. I like to work through things out loud and the road can be quiet. And I may have been leaning towards teal, although there were plenty of other possibilities. I’m still curious about white…bit I digress. They do not have the right to get ahold of some dye from Keen knows where and slip it into my bathing supplies. I didn’t realize until the first rinse and by then it was far too late.

She could have had the decency to look sorry instead of infuriatingly amused. Insufferable musclebound jackass.

While I’ll keep an eye out for solutions, I am certain I’ll be keeping the color for some time. It could be worse, I suppose. It does look rather nice, in certain lights. And if Ser ever learns that I will kill them myself, there’ll be no living with them after. At the very least, I’ll be thinking up a few schemes of my own. I’m a learned woman, I’m sure I can craft something to make their life delightfully miserable for a short while. It’s only fair.”

– Rowan’s Journal, entry dated 3 Snowsong, 877