Blade Maidens: The Hunt – 09

Two score from Lady Beckett’s forces, five mounted.

Captain Lochland sustained a broken leg falling from the ramparts.

Fifteen from Hardenwall’s reserves.
Various peasantry.


Ten wagons.

Two mercenary companies.

Three dozen horses (stolen or killed).

One battering ram.

As a side note, lord, one of the companies had two survivors. They were found surrounded by a ring of rebel corpses and their fellow companymen within the inner wall. One has since succumbed to his injuries but the remaining mercenary’s story has begun spreading amongst the men. I would suggest giving her a small bonus for her bravery and quietly ensure she is miles away by morning lest her tale overshadow our victory. Twenty gold should suffice.

– After action report of the Siege of Kendalt Castle. Prepared by Lady Margot Fane, Spymaster.