Blade Maidens: The Hunt – 10

“They were being an ass. I know she’s protective, and that’s very sweet and–[indecipherable scribbles and crossed out entries]

No. I will not be coddled again. It took me years to get Kaywen to treat me like anything but a fragile doll, I refuse to let Ser do the same. Mercenary work hasn’t come naturally to me, but I’m hardly natural, am I? I know I’ll always be different to her eyes but that doesn’t change how hard I’ve worked to get where I am.

I’ll prove to them that I am an equal part in this enterprise, through deeds if not words, and hopefully that will get her to stop trying to play the tortured soul card with me quite so often.

…not altogether, though. I can’t say it isn’t attr[more indecipherable scratchings, culminating in the torn bottom half of the entry].”

Rowan’s Journal, Entry Dated 10 Havensmark, 876