Blade Maidens: The Hunt – 15

“Channeling electricity is undeniably one of the most immediately appealing manifestations of arcanistry, echoing the raw power of a lightning strike in the palm of your hand. Novice practicioners of the art should be wary, however, and hone their skill in safe environments. Once gathered, electricity is a fickle power, able to branch in unexpected paths and harm you or your allies as easily as your enemy. Watch for conductive materials, clear your spell’s path, and ensure you are prepared to live with damaging anything within range. A bolt of lightning is not a precision weapon, nor should it be treated like one.”

Rollo’s Arcanistry Manual

“Possibilities of manifesting lightning outside of the body? More localized effects? Riding off of existing electrical currents for smoothest execution?

– Within enemy ranks?

– Attempt to jolt a stopped heart?

– Piggyback off of electrical signals within the brain??? ”

– Handwritten notes inside Rowan’s personal copy of Rollo’s Arcanistry Manual.