Blade Maidens: The Hunt – 16

“We had been in plenty of fights at that point, but none quite like this. The cave left little room to maneuver, and the emotional shock of the capture hadn’t quite left me yet. Thank the roots Ser stepped in when they did.

I hadn’t expected the lightning to be quite so effective. The concept of using the currents in someone’s brain as a focus was simply a theory, not something I expected to use. I wonder if the man survived? I would worry but, well, they were murderous kidnapping scum. What’s done is done.

Ser handled herself about as well as I’d ever seen. I thought I had taken their criticisms about needing to think on my feet more readily to heart, but watching them shatter that woman’s nose with a headbutt on sheer reflex made me realize just how little I’d understood. She moved like an animal. A predator. I caught a glimpse of them dispatching another hunter by snapping their neck in a hold of some sort. If I wasn’t fighting alongside her…well, it would have frightened me worse than anything the leader of that rabble said.”

– Rowan’s Journal, entry dated 12 Havensmark 876.