Blade Maidens: What Fools These Mortals Be- 16

“Finding common ground when serving alongside other nation’s forces can be a tricky subject. Either past wounds still barely healed over, or raw cultural differences. Whatever the reasons, it is always something to consider when operating in the field.

Many’s first instinct is to rely on humor. A strong one, but prone to causing deeper rifts than it heals. For example: The Verdannian Honeybee. The insects prominence in their heraldry is unusual, a stark contrast to the stags, dragons and the like found across Telosian militaries. This makes it a common source of mockery outside of the kingdom’s borders. You’ve likely heard Verdannian knights called “Little Stingers” before, even.

But the bee is a source of national pride within Verdannian. An insect responsible for the crops that form the foundation of Verdannian influence. For the sweet honey that is the signature element of Verdannian cookery. And a creature that, when faced with a threat to its queen, will protect her at any cost. Even its own life.

But many do not know this history. And so they make jokes. Even with Verdannian troops by their side. Troops that will remember such words, and may not be as eager to hold their shield high enough to shield their Falder neighbor in the thick of battle.

Something to keep in mind.”

– A passage from Lessons in Martial Conduct, by General Brevais Kolhart