Blade Maidens: What Fools These Mortals Be – 17

“Ah, dear reader.

In selecting this tome you have proven yourself among the most discerning of tastes. For what you now behold is nothing less than an account of the most magnificent of fae. The Mistress of Midnights and Lady of Reveries. She who holds court in all realms, for none may deny her grace. A presence from before the birth of your world and one that will persist long after you and all you know is reduced to ash and memory.

I speak, of course, of Queen Morganna, High Lady of the Eternal Court. In her grand wisdom, our Lady has deemed fit to spread word of her presence throughout the tapestry of realms. You, reader, are one of the privileged few to be privy to her power prior to her arrival. In reading this text, you have bound yourself to Queen Morganna. A vanguard to her excellence, a prophet to her beauty. If this concerns you, don’t fret.

We will be there soon.

– Ansel, Morganna-Sworn. High Priest of Fools and Goats”

– The opening passage of an unmarked tome, found in libraries and studies across Telos and further realms.