Blade Maidens: What Fools These Mortals Be – 18


Before anything else: I apologize for this letter. If I had any other recourse, I wouldn’t be bothering you. But, as they are wont to do, the farmer’s coalition has made quite the stink about the situation and I must go through the motions.

According to the accounts provided, the most recent cattle birthings have a bit of an oddity amongst them. Not in their behavior, no, but in their appearance. Reportedly, the cow’s spots are shifting. One day they’ll be spread in a certain pattern, and when they come in for feeding the next morning they’ll be in an entirely different configuration. Given the lack of evidence–I was offered to house one of the cattle for my own viewing in the manor stables but my stallions deserve rest as much as any of my house–I remain utterly skeptical.

Additionally a single farmer, a halfling by the name of Phindel, reports that his cattle managed to spell out an entire message when situated in a specific order: “Adorable herd. Good work.” I have no idea if this was some clumsy effort to get in my good graces or boost his own standing amongst the coalition but either way I am certain you’ll dismiss it as I have.

If you have heard of any arcane phenomena matching these descriptions, I’m sure that they would love to hear it. And when you inevitably confirm my doubts, I will be able to dismiss their concerns with all the weight and authority of The Academy.

Sorry for the trouble, old friend. Next time you visit I’ll send you back with an extra bottle of Kilzean Red for your time.

– Warden Keldan Havar”

– a letter sent to Magister Oswald Emberthatch, assistant professor of evocative studies at the Freehold Academy.