Blade Maidens: What Fools These Mortals Be – 24


I wasn’t sure of it at first. List has been growing for weeks now. But, on a whim, I asked Captain Kaywen if she’d call me by it. Just see how it felt.

No hesitation now. It felt right. Like the last missing piece of the puzzle falling into place. Ashamed to say I did a poor job of maintaining composure. Kaywen noticed immediately and laughed. Sweetly, of course. Said it must have been “a winner”. She’s not wrong.

I think it fits. We’ve plenty of rowans in the forest around the castle. Sturdy things. Reslient. Beautiful, but only when blooming and healthy. Fruit dismissed as bitter and irritating to the stomach, but some brilliant soul ages ago figured out it makes for a delicious liquor if given the proper care and attention. A Verdannian delicacy, even. A little piece of home is far from the worst thing to carry with me.

Princess Rowan Lilaceae.

Hm. No. Don’t love that.

Lady Rowan Lilaceae.

That’s better. Lady Rowan. Rolls right off the tongue. Feels natural. Right.

Maybe I’ll tell Father first. I know Mother will be…difficult, but he’ll listen. Mother can be a fight for another day.

A fight for Rowan.

The first of many, I’d venture to guess.


– Rowan’s journal, entry dated 13 Loriana, 874