Blade Maidens: What Fools These Mortals Be – 28

“Your Majesty,

The Reaches extend their gracious thanks for the recent shipment of Elderwine. As do I, of course, the casks you set aside for my personal stores will be put to excellent use, I assure you.

But I am not contacting you for a simple thank you, but in an attempt to repay this debt before it has time to fester. Some information has reached my desk that I think you would be very interested in. Our Rookery caught word from the mayor of a small border village named Farron. Well, former mayor, I should say. It appears the town has been wiped off of the scant few maps that made note of it.

The details are…confused, to be generous. Claims of wild magic and boogeymen, even some claiming that there were fae involved. Backwoods superstition, if I’ve ever seen it. I’m sure it was just another push by the Greenwardens or some other group of radical druidics.

The part that concerns you, Gwyndolin, is who cleaned up this mess. A trio of sellswords, it seems. A rather butch one with a sword and a scarred-up songstress, but also quite a formidable arcanist. While she sounds very different than the princess I remember last meeting in your court, life on the road has a way of changing us, I find. Silvery white hair, blade on her belt and quite a striking tattoo.

If this is your Lysithea (or is it Rowan these days?), she is gathering quite the reputation. A handful of other letters from former Farrons sing her praises, and we’ve caught a fair few letters from the Reaches and beyond speaking of the proficiency of her band of blades.

I hope this helps you in your quest for your wayward daughter. And that you find it in your heart to send more wine.”

A letter from Steward-King Haylan Kollar, lord of the Bousean Reaches, 29 Sulna’s Peak, 877