Blade Maidens: What Fools These Mortals Be – 27

“Something is awry.

My studies are, as always, thorough. The tome remains stable, even with this most recent…development. The inscription continues at a steady pace–roughly 3 paragraphs an hour–and alternates it’s foci between the various Fae dominions at an even rate. The Moth-Lords appear more often than most, but I suppose that is to be expected.

What was not expected was the latest entry from the Lady of Reveries’ court. Morganna Queen’s affairs have been quiet as of late. Staking claim over a mortal township does little to warrant an account in the tome, after all. But the latest entry is…inexplicable.

Morganna entered into a game of wits with a mortal sorceress, for what reason I don’t understand, and normally I would expect the Mistress of Midnights to handle the situation according her station. But for the first time since beginning this endeavor, I do not know what exactly has occurred.

The last sentence of the entry is malleable. I’ve been able to determine two variations, but they flicker in and out of view each time I look away. It took some time, and failed attempts, but as best as I can manage the possibilities are:

‘And so, at the end of their game, the [princess/witch] and the [queen/terror] stood alone. In the Space Between, the pact was [fulfilled/sealed]. With the final answer uttered, Rowan of Verdanna stood [victorious/changed] and Morganna Queen [seethed/smiled]. As the binds of reality sealed around the pair and their realms were [split/returned], the Queen of Delights sat on her throne [satisfied/scheming] and waited for what comes next.’

I wasn’t aware the tome could do this.

I would ask for aid, but the other domains are still under the impression that I destroyed it some centuries ago. Close-minded fools.

I will continue monitoring the situation, and make note of other divergences. Perhaps a discreet tome for this mortal’ affairs? The first to cross into our home…the first to be interesting enough to warrant such a boon.

Much to think about.”

– An entry in Scrivener Tul’s personal log, undated